Thursday, March 1, 2012

This journey keeps getting larger, but more narrow all at the same time! I celebrated this weekend three different times for some of my friends having a year or more clean. We're all growing and learning and most of the time stumbling and falling all at once, but it makes it easier as a joint effort. My friendships are growing, my relationships with my family are flourishing, and my romantic relationship is thriving! Thank God for relationships today. Just today. Tomorrow might be different... So, that is how my journey is getting broader. But I've also begun to learn myself better as well. To see myself more clearly. To see the negative for what it is and accept it. And also to see the positive for what it is and accept it. I'm not sure how it is for most people, but I'm finding that the positive traits I was born with are sometimes harder to nurture than the negative traits I pick up along the way in life. But I'm trying to weed out the garden and bring purposeful growth back into my life, so I'm going to try to make a conscious effort to find something that will complement my creativity and do it. Something new. Any suggestions? What are some of the things that you all do to nurture your creativity?

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  1. The first hurdle is the one of seeing there is a problem at all. What a positive thing that you are recognising your weakness and your strength and are aware that progress is needed to develop your personal identity.
    We all have some skills or creativity that is/has been shelved for a future date. realising what that creativity is takes some time to develop and or recognise.
    I have a few new projects that I am trying to develop in the hope that my creativity find life. maybe you could help me and in turn yourself as we share the journey of discovering who we are and what our talents are. is perhaps a way to share some creativity.
    Then the walking project I have begun may be another that you could help with, I need some more creative suggestions and support too.

    Big hugs and loads of love.