Friday, March 9, 2012

Get It Together, Soph!

I've talked to my network. It's been officially confirmed. I've been in some serious denial about Mr. Hyde. I am 20 minutes from clocking out at work (yes, I'm not necessarily supposed to be blogging right now... oops) and I will be on the road to go visit him. I'm nervous, because I have not had the conversation I'm about to have since I've been clean. This is a new experience. Luckily, I've already been pumped full of courage, strength, faith, and willingness by my people. Thank God for my people. I have to do this. I have to practice discipline! I have to tell him that there will be no more of this sick behavior from me. From now on, every breath I breathe will be kept by myself instead of passed on to him, because I'm seriously suffering from a lack of oxygen... Oxygen being the ability to take care of myself first. There will be no more "Sugar Mama" either, which is something my sponsor brought into awareness last night. Hello, Soph! No wonder you're completely drained financially! You've been paying double for everything! One for me, two for you... One for me, two for you... Sometimes, it is very unnerving to find out that I've been acting like a fool, but completely convinced that I've been doing "what's best" for the situation. Actually, let me get honest and say that it feels humiliating. Once again the same old vicious cycle with a man. So, it's either stand firm and Get It Together, or keep strangling the recovery I've worked so hard to grow. I don't know if there is anyone else out there with that experience, but I could use some reassurance. Has anyone else ever broken this vicious, cunning, sneaky, deceitful, quiet, but deadly cycle and had a good ending? I'm sure they have. Actually, I know they have. Because I know that if I put God first, then MYSELF, then whoever else is in the picture, that it always works out more beautifully than I could have tried to manipulate the situation into to begin with. Now, I'm going to pray pray pray on the way there that God will help me keep that courage to stand up for what I need. It shouldn't be this hard, but if it takes all this to build my relationship with God, then so be it, because I've been praying more these last two days. Hell yeah! It feels good to know and depend on God instead of Mr. Hyde again! So, through all the bad feelings, there are always always always more reasons to stay and fight for myself than to go and spend my life back-breakingly working for someone else. It is worth it. And there is always gratitude hidden beneath the layers of difficulty. It may not seem like it on the drive there, but I know that feeling that I'll get once this conversation is done with and I'm driving away will be exhilarating! Wish me luck...


  1. I wish you every success in dealing with the situation at hand. Life is clearly a school of hard knocks for most of us, but it still needs to be done. Take courage that if you seek a peaceful and happy outcome, that whatever the result is, you began it with the very best of intentions.
    Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the will to go on despite the fear.
    You are still young and life will show you greater rewards if you keep the faith and be true to yourself.
    Sometimes the best in a situation is not to help at all... remember this when deciding what is best to do.
    I usually go with my gut instinct, my intuition.
    that is what it is there for...
    Big hugs and loads of love.

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